The European Travel Course for Women

an all-in-one system to help you plan, pack, share, and remember your trip

Planning a trip and don’t know where to start?

Feeling overwhelmed by possibilities?

Nervous about etiquette, security, or homesickness? (Or all 3?)


I’ve been there. My first trip to Europe was a study-abroad in Spain, and I was ready to go home before I’d even left my home airport! Since that eventful journey, I’ve returned to Europe five plus times, each time more confident than the last.

Hi, I'm Meagan.

I have been blessed to travel around the country on family vacations, as well as for my 9-5 job. From Disneyland to D.C., Glacier to New Orleans, I’ve crossed coasts for both vacation and business.

But until 2004, I’d not been off North American soil. I got the seemingly brilliant idea at university to major in European Studies, which has a mandatory study-abroad component.

“Oh darn,” I jested as I applied. … “Oh darn,” I said in all seriousness as I arrived at the airport, and for a good 50% of the five-week study tour.

That trip made me realize I had no clue what I was getting myself into.

Further, it made me want to help other women thrive faster than I. Enter the European Travel Course for Women (ETCW).

You've got this -- and I'll help you crush it.

I developed ETCW to break the planning process down into bite-sized chunks. The course helps you prioritize what to see on your next trip. You can’t see everything — so make a point of maximizing and enjoying what you will see.

Emotions and uncertainty are perfectly normal. ETCW will alleviate your fears and set you up for success. Over the course of two weeks and ten modules, you’ll learn about planning, research, overseas etiquette, security, and more.

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