Meet Meagan, the woman behind The Fernweh Traveler

Hi! I’m Meagan, a Pacific Northwest fangirl who loves anything and everything related to European travel.

My favorite travel buddies are my family. I’ve traveled with them around the United States; Victoria, BC; and even Great Britain!


Why Me?

I have studied abroad. I studied Iberian History and advanced Spanish at the University of Salamanca for five weeks in July 2004. I know what living abroad (short-term) is like.

I have traveled extensively. The US, Canada, Spain, Portugal, England, Scotland, Israel, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Chile — and probably more I’m not thinking of!

I do all my own trip planning. With the exception of Chile (a church mission trip), I plan my own trips. The material covered in the European Travel Course for Women starts from my own experiences, and incorporates research and feedback from others I have traveled with or learned from.

I’ve tested everything I recommend. I’d hate to recommend (or have you spend money on) sub-par travel items, so I make sure that I’ve used it enough to safely suggest purchase.

I’ve traveled enough to have dealt with everything:

  • Homesickness
  • Euphoric, “I’m on top of the world” bliss
  • General ill health and the monthly female problem
  • Wishing the hot Spaniard waiter would talk to me, rather than the wolf whistles and catcalling I got from male students across the way
  • Potential terrorist attacks (that were since labeled “traffic incidents”, though I’m skeptical)

What you can expect to see here:

Humor (with a side of sarcasm). I’ve got a bit of a dry sense of humor — it’s the 1/8 Brit in me.

Advocacy for the B&B travel style. I stay in B&Bs whenever I can, especially in the United Kingdom. Not only do you get to meet lots of new people over food — you don’t have to leave the building without your morning caffeine boost and a meal.

A clean website. Hopefully from a design perspective — but definitely from a content perspective. I will at times share about my faith on the blog; while the travel course doesn’t mention it, it does drive how I approached the content and the things I include (or don’t include).

What you can expect not to see here:

Advocacy for the hosteling travel style. I’ve not stayed in a hostel and have no desire to; perhaps that’s due to previous awesome hotel experiences, or habit … I get more and more set in my ways the older I get. Ha! I’ll mention hosteling here or there as a budget-friendly, economical way to travel – but that’s about the extent of it.

Bad language or hookup info. I divert my efforts elsewhere as my faith leads me.