You can start saving for a trip anytime — it doesn’t even have to be on the books yet! Even if it’s next week, there are plenty of easy ways to save a bit of dough. My top 3 tips are here — along with some examples and links to other posts (including one that has … wait for it … 52 tips).

Easy Ways to Save Money for Traveling

Determine just how much you need for the trip.

Develop a travel budget now, and start setting aside funds.

Return airfare from the US’s West Coast to Europe often runs around $1,000. Hotel (or B&B, hostel, AirBNB, etc.) varies, as do transportation and eats. Still — a little Internet research will help to set appropriate expectations. Travel Made Simple and Budget Your Trip both offer excellent resources to get you started. Then — start setting aside funds now!

Pack a lunch (or make economical and healthy lunch choices, however that looks for you).

Collect loose change and cash it in periodically.

Collect loose change and cash it in periodically.

I started collecting all my loose change for a few months prior to a trip, and either deposited it or changed it into my destination’s currency (so I’d have a bit right away). It adds up quickly; I gathered over $60 that time.

Note: Many banks will likely ask you to roll the coins before bringing them in. You can pick up paper rolls from most major banks.

See it in action!

Adventurous Kate shares how she saved $13,000 for travel in seven months. Now that’s inspiring!

Want more tips? Check out these great posts from Nomadic Matt, AirTreksExpert Vagabond, and YTravel. The YTravel post is my personal fave, with 52 excellent ideas!

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