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Did you know that you can miss a place you’ve never been before?

Rooted in the German word fernweh, this phenomenon translates as

“far-off-sickness” or craving travel.

If you’ve ever experienced fernweh, you’re in the right place.

The Fernweh Traveler empowers women to travel to those places their souls crave to visit.


Whether Antarctica or St. Petersburg, Timbuktu or New York City, wherever your fernweh takes you…

The Fernweh Traveler will help you get there.

Meet Meagan, the woman behind the Fernweh website

Hi! I’m Meagan, a Pacific Northwest girl and world travel junkie. Fernweh first hit me way back in junior high, when I picked up Judith Pella’s The Crown and the Crucible. The first book in a 7-book series titled The Russians, it immediately transported me to the land of the tsars. One day, I will visit Nevsky Prospekt, Tsarskoe Selo, and the Winter Palace!

Since then, I have traveled extensively throughout the United States and Europe. In 2015, I checked off my first country in South AmericaChile!

I majored in European Studies in college, studying Spanish, Russian (squee!), and European history, literature, and political science. As part of the program, I studied abroad at Spain’s University of Salamanca in 2004. Little did I know that I’d return there 9 years later to see how it lived up to my mixed memories! (A story for another time, and one I promise to share!)

My Travel Philosophy:

Everyone travels a little differently. For me? I don’t do hostels or AirBnB. It’s just not my style.

Instead, I go for B&Bs or the occasional hotel. Location, ambiance, and past guests’ reviews all come into play.

Safety is the #1 priority — but having fun is a close second. Guided tours rock, as does hopping the Tube, destination unknown.

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